Trying to live up to the ever-expanding expectations that only proved to bind me, I finally allowed years of anger, fear and false ideas to fall away, exposing the Light within.


It wasn’t in the control mastered over the years, but in giving it up, and relaxing in what was always there that saved me. That still small voice, gently, lovingly showing me the Light within.


Join me on a journey into the unknown? A journey that steps immeasurably beyond the stifling boxes of religions and rules, and allows you to experience a flow that never stops giving.

Who Is God?

When I talk about God, I am referring also to Allah, Yahweh, whatever name you call the source of love and life, and many other things to infinite to describe. I know within the Buddhist belief there is no god. That is fine by me because Buddhist believe in Love.

I’m not about to venture into trying to …Read More