Throughout our lives, our minds have stored the information of all we have come to believe. Belief is very powerful in that we fight against anything that might cause even a cavity to exist in our belief systems. We are without a doubt convinced of what we know, and therefore turned off to any abstract or difference to what we know.

We even need to prove by way of prophecy that all else is true because these things reside between the same covers. We are bent on searching and finding ways to prove we are right. Proof of these things become the foundation of our belief, absent of faith, but call it faith.

However, what we don’t know about the truth is often unknown history that paints a larger picture to the little we do know that causes us to realize that what we once knew now seems contrary to what we now know.

Therefore, the only way that people move from one idea to another, is by spending so much time within the idea that some facts begin to arise that cause question. Once a question is raised, a person feels lost, aimlessly wondering in the dark. I call this a “waste of time” (not very profound I know), but in fact necessary to communicate new ideas.

I often wonder about “free choice” and what characteristics exist that cause our minds to react in ways that cause fear to arise from a misconception where we think a belief system must exist just to make sense of what is, so that we might be at peace with ourselves and others.

How can a brand new idea, especially a controversial one, ever be heard by the mind that is convinced that it knows the truth. By it’s very nature – created by the individual, new ideas seem threatening. It is the fear of coming to know that we really do not know that we do not want to face lest it knock us off our feet. Meaning, our belief system which is proven by time and others has created a very solid facade in which I must nurture and protect.

These thoughts come from a moment in my journey where I came face to face with darkness. It was a realization that I really know nothing, and facing death, there was only darkness. There was no room, no floor, and no rope hanging from some sustaining branch that would hold me. There was only darkness. I only needed to step into death, or trust that there is a God of some kind there to catch me because It loves me.

I find myself frustrated at times trying to convey an idea because I know I must first learn how the listener thinks, and step carefully into their belief system just to begin a conversation that leads a person down a road with many “Y”s that in time, if the person is open leads right back to inches from where we started. My¬†journey was nothing more than to show me the answer was always here within.

I find myself at times not even wanting to talk, because I have come to know of the “waste of time” conversation that can’t be avoided just to convey what I really wanted to say in the first place.

The garden is where I learned of this idea. God made the earth and the stars and all that is. He put me on the earth and said according to Genesis, “be fruitful and multiple”. Those were my instructions for life. Those words can take on many thoughts… Be creative. Enjoy. Work hard. Make love and bare children. Plant gardens and grow food. Build houses, roads, cars. Build relationships, nurture them.

Does it need to be more complicated than that? If I gave my daughter a lollipop, and said “enjoy it”, does she need to search her mind for all the possible reasons as to why I gave her the lollipop?

My dad gave me a lollipop. Did he poison it? Maybe he doesn’t want me around any more? But it tastes so good, he must love me. I wonder if I should treasure it, wrap it up and put it in my dresser drawer? No, maybe he is testing me to see if I will let anyone else enjoy it? How can I know what he wants? If I leave it in the sun it will melt. Oh, maybe I need to sacrifice it to the sun. Maybe I should watch and see what my friends and their dads are doing. What does dad want from me?

What do you think? Is there a hidden agenda God has up His sleeve for our lives? Or is it possible, like my daughter and me giving her a lollipop to enjoy, that all God really wants is for us to “be fruitful and multiple”? To Enjoy Life!

Therefore, we can argue about all the stuff that does not exist except for that which we conjured up in our own minds triggered by fear that has been ingrained in us from our childhood. Yes, now we can fight over childhood psychology issues and whether or not they exists, and go straight back into everything that isn’t because of fear. Another road trip with a purpose only to prove the journey was not necessary. Rinse and repeat if you like. Or, Live and Love what is given to you now. That’s it! Enjoy It!


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