When I talk about God, I am referring also to Allah, Yahweh, whatever name you call the source of love and life, and many other things to infinite to describe. I know within the Buddhist belief there is no god. That is fine by me because Buddhist believe in Love.

I’m not about to venture into trying to answer the question of who God is. That is left up to the “intellect” among us. The point of starting this journey out with God or Love, is that without Love, we all fall into the same realm of reason and hearsay. It is in the enforcement of belief that tears people apart, that drives them to do the most heinous things to others. My journey took me from this kind of belief to enjoy.

From reading about Gautama Buddha, I think he seen the destruction different views and beliefs do to wonderful people, and decided to remove the source of the conflict – God. He was not really removing God, because he still deeply embraces Love. He in removing the word and asking only his followers to seek Love and kindness. The same thing Jesus came to share.

Over the weeks and months ahead, I hope that you also will find as I did that they (belief and enjoy) are in many ways, opposites.

If you are willing, come with me to find a place larger than the realm of men. A place where God is so much more than what you have been told, or read in a book.

From the viewpoint (belief) of a Northern American Christian background, I grew up knowing what the Bible says about God. My perspective of God varied greatly from others who lived just around the corner. Varies even more as you travel to other states, and certainly when traveling to other countries.

There is one thing that I have found that all religions and those against religion, or even atheists have in common with each other; they have always been comprised of people who are defensive and closed minded against others who believe differently, that they have through the years refined a relentless driving need to define and solve who God is or is not. Like them, I too thought that the only way the world can be at peace is to convert everyone living into my faith.

This is what I call using the brain to address a heart problem. It is who I was and what I did all my life as a Christian… used a hammer to mend a cracked glass.

Months of study into the brain told me that we are creatures created to solve problems. One day I was swimming and the waves were over taking me and I begin to panic, even though I told myself to be calm. At one point my wife and children flashed before me as I knew I was not going to make it. But my brain must solve the problem, and it just kept moving my arms to keep the body alive.

That is the power of the brain, and it is used almost all the time to solve issues of the heart where compassion and patience are needed at the time.

  • Would you agree there are many religions in the world?
  • Would you agree that there are many doctrines (beliefs) within each religion?
  • Would you say that your religion is the right one?

If you answered “Yes” to the last question, then you believe just as I did. Because of this conundrum which has created many wars and killed hundreds of thousands through history, people through the ages must define God. Right? I wonder, would there be anything wrong with just waking up each morning to enjoy the day and love on other people, as opposed to having to solve who God is?

What was this driving force within me that would not be quenched even after it utterly destroyed my wife and children? Religion and it’s beliefs are often formed by existing writings about other people’s experience with God and/or spiritual things. Meaning, the religious among us seek to know God by way of others who knew God. A form of detective work where one learns by way of others lives and experiences found in scripture.

  • In India, infant girls are still killed or abandoned because they hold no value.
  • Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic.
  • Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, And Sell It For $100,000 A Piece To Saudis

I found these articles within seconds of writing this just to prove a point. There is so much more of this behavior that I think the point is evident even without me having to say anything.

This type of thinking and behavior is in every part of the world. I would say I tried very hard to stay on the so called “narrow” path as I grew up, afraid of the opposite. The opposite being those who live without any convictions, no discipline or moral guidance.

Yes, there is an extreme existence of people who live only for themselves with no formal structure. But I know that many are running from some religious background because of the rules that have been imputed onto them by their leaders and family members.

If there was one word to describe the theme of what I am writing about, it would be “control”. And driving that control – is fear…

  • If you leave our religion you will be shunned – In the name of God – no love!
  • If we let the girls live we will be dishonored – In the name of God – no love!
  • If we let the Muslims live they will corrupt the world – In the name of God – no love!
  • If we let the Christians live they will corrupt the world – In the name of God – no love!

This is a fear driven by a belief that more fear needs to be instilled in others, and more control needs to be enforced to get what we want.

Here is your first lesson

Now that I have defined how most people (including myself) have grow up in their beliefs, I would like to turn the world back for a time, back to a place where we know nothing of men and their beliefs and ideas. A place where books and written words do not exist yet. No Bible, no Quran, no Vedas, before Gautama Buddha, before Jesus, before Abraham – nothing of man’s ideas exist.

I’m not going to impute my beliefs on you. That would be to do the same as others have done. That is what I am desperately trying to flee from! I am suggesting that we put our beliefs down and go find a quiet room to be silent. Here (in our hearts mind) we can go find a nice patch of grass or rock next to the brook over there under that sprawling fruit tree.

  • Would you agree there is grass, rocks and trees?
  • Would you agree there are animals, birds and fish?
  • Would you agree there are cold snow capped mountains and warm meadows?
  • What else do you see in this place?

What is the belief of this place? Remember, there is no books or writing. There are no prophets or libraries. There IS only you at this time. You and all of the world and universe around you. Is it good? Is it bad? No literature remember! You don’t even know if “satan” exists.

Your first step is to rest here, to meditate in this place for as many hours as it takes to find peace with everything around you. Maybe several hours each day for a week or month.

You also may not know there is God. When I spent time here, I had to question if I would know there was God. From my experience, I have found and enjoyed the presence of God here. I came to know God from just looking around at the world. God was also different than I was taught. He became so much more and larger in every area of life and thought.

We believe we know because it is what others have told us. Do you want to run in fear that I am leading you astray? That may not be your belief telling you that, but your brain history; a database of years of scrutinizing your life’s rights and wrongs. Known and unknown shamming that exists in your subconscious.

I am only asking you to live in your mind as the first people lived on earth long before ideas and beliefs were planted into the mind at and from childhood.

I am not saying that what you have been told is wrong, I am asking you to set it down for a time to be still. In this place, this garden of great beauty, there is a great deal to take in and learn. This is a time to see with your minds eye, and listen carefully to your heart.

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